These are some of my BackTracks from my home studio.

List for Jazzy

Song List
Use to Love her (Stones)

Got my Mojo Working – E

Route 66 – G  (I do some odd cords on this one)  (it flows good though)

Beatles One after 909

Feels like Rain (John Haitt) 
G/C/G, B/Em/D/C

Spooky – E (don’t modulate)

Look Away – Ozark Mt Daredevils
D…  G.D…GD.. C/G/D

Hey Good Looking C

Old Love Am Dm Gsus G
F E Am… F E F  E(walk down B)

Still have the blues for you (Bm) Em,A,D,G,C#,F#Bm

Stevie Ray Vaughn:
Texas Flood. G
Pride and joy.-E
Cold shot - A

Clapton-I shot the sheriff.Gm
Sunshine of your love.D
Tore down?A
Wonderful tonight.G
Tears in Heaven?G

Black summer rain(EricClapton)
C, Bm, Am, G
G, B,C, G.. Em G C G..

Layla. Slow D

Allman Bro-Melissa -E
Cross to bear.(Allman Bro. slow blues)
A, F#, B, E, 
End – A/D

One way out.

Van Morrison-Wild Nights 
Em.. G,  C,D,G

Brown Eyed Girl.
Domino – G

Taking care of business.

REM – Loosing my religion
Man in the moon

Best of my love
Tequila Sunrise
Already gone – G (no modulation)
Hotel California in AM.
I can’t tell you why -A

One of these nights (slower)
C#, Bb, A, F#, C#, (Ab)

Floyd-Time – E,F#..F#,A..E,F#
F#, A, E, F#   - D/A D,C#, B, E
(modulat after 2nd vers) D,C#,B,B,F

Comfortably Numb

Santana-Black Magic Woman?
Oya com ova?
Evil Ways?
Samba ti?

Same old thing -A (like one way out)

Don’t come around - Bm

She loves money-Am/F/Em/E/A

Sweet Walker  C#/F#/B/A/F#

I think I see it (like Use me up) B/E9

Dirty little thing (blues shuffle in E)
(goes to B midway and then back to E)

All gone south (fast rocking boogie in E)

Times a wasting -AM 
(slow minor blues)

Man in Motion (Reggie) 

Wild horses (G -Bm/G..Am/C/G/D  (Am/C/G/F/C)

Sympathy For The Devil
 C#/B/F#... Ab/C#

Stones- Honky tonky woman E
Brown Sugar C..(Eb/C/Ab/Bb/C)

Love me two times E
Roadhouse blues.- E

Lazy- deep purple
Living in the USA - E

Hendrix – Watch Tower -Bm
Red House
Little Wing

Born to be wild

China grove. C#
Long train running. E

zz-top Tube Snake – pearl necklace.E
She loves my Automobile – A

Any Way You want me to Go - A

Crystal Blue Persuasion 

Susie Q (stay on a E during lead)

Willin - Little Feet

My funny Valentine - Bm, (or I could move to Cm)
You don't know Me  - B
So Far Away - A
You got a friend - A
Best of my love - C
Mac the Knife - C
I left my Heart in San Francisco - C
Margaretaville- D
Mr. Bojangles - G
Queen of Hearts - C
Still have the blues for you -Cm
Do it again - Em
Smooth - Am
Tears in Heaven - G
Layla (slow) D
Old Love-Eric Clapton - Am
Crosscut Saw -shuffel - A
Samba Ti - Santana - G, Bm, Em, Am...
Mojo working - E
Light in your eyes - Todd Rundgrun
Hello it's me
Wild Horses -Rolling Stones- G
Green eyes - Cold Play - Bm
Day in the life 
One after 909 - Beatles
Sweet Melissa 
Best I ever had -ertical horizon - E
4 what it's worth -CSN- E
Love the one your with
George Benson Masquerade - Cm
Dog & Buterfly
Roberta Flack
PoetryMan Phoebe Snow
Free man in Paris

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