Same old thing 
Blues song about the struggles of every day life.  Click on the play list Above

​Special thanks to Jerry Riccardi on Drums.   Recorded by Brent Hoad at RanchMart Studio.

Original, Classic Rock &Blues

All songs on the play list recorded and engineered by Danny Button and friends

  • Freeborn Man5:06
  • Break Tune3:55
  • The End Is Not In Sight3:03
  • Same old thing3:07
  • She Loves Money5:09
  • I think I see it5:10

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Land of the Midnight Sun

An instrimental arrangement of two songs Written by Glen Spencer and arranged by David Estes, Richard McDonald and me.   Hope you enjoy

She Loves Money
This song written by my friend Glen Spencer packs a huge blues punch.   KC Meltdown recording.  Tom Zillig,   Leonard Gregson and Greg Bush

Playlist - More to come

From the Heart

Beautiful night on Truman Lake - ​ Roy Webb's 

  • 2:28
  • 3:53
  • 3:20
  • 5:47
  • 3:00

She Loves Money is a beautiful song by Glen Spencer/Danny Button  - This version has Greg Bush-Bass, Leonard Gragson - guitar, Tom Zillig - Drums, and Danny Button - vocals and guitar  - Recorded by Matt Davis of the MGD's

I think I See It 

Another great song by Glen Spencer, Dick McDonald and Danny Button.   This one is performed by Zsa Zsa and the Fuzztubes. 

Rita Rodina on background vocals.

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I am very excited to part of this great Kansas City Party Band.

Honoring my friend Rick Miller

Blind Pony 1st 3 songs on my playlist

I turned 60 years old this year, but I still feel young!  Life has never been better, and I am not planning to slow down any time soon.   Last weekend I took a road trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains with my musical brothers and watch a Yes concert with Todd Rundgren and Carl Palmer.  These guys were just coming on to the scene when our first band was forming almost 50 years ago.  These talented people deeply influenced our lives, and after the concert we got to meet and talk to the some of the band members and this really brought my life into perspective.    

My whole goal in life is to play music from my heart, honor, and respect tradition, and create an environment where creative ideas have a chance to grow stronger.   My friends have never given up on the possibility of making a significant contribution to the art of music, however, our path has not been through the business end of the spectrum, but more through the hearts and minds of regular people that surround us in our everyday lives.   Farmers Markets, small Pubs, Bars, City Celebrations, Living Rooms, Patio’s, Dinner Clubs…  Anywhere the music could reach interested ears and hearts.  I’ve been fortunate enough to play for the Olympic Athlete’s at Crown Center, in the Missouri Capitol for the Statewide Explores Ball, and The Blue Bird Café in Nashville just to name a few.   I made a vinyl record, had it played on the Radio, then followed with a TV appearance.  But fame has a fleeting soul that I care not to chase.  The real reward for all the hard work is the simple pleasure in picking a guitar and singing a simple song and seeing the look in people’s eyes when the music works it’s magic.   These are the moments that time stands still, and this is why I still feel so young.

She Loves Money

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Mike (the band)   Another great party band.