The original plan was to insert a shim into the neck pocket to give the whole string angel a downward slop, but the Godin guitar did not have a standard Fender style attachment to the guitar body, so those shims will be used on another guitar.   

John took great care of this guitar by taping the frets and smoothing them down with fine sandpaper.  The neck wood was oiled and it looks beautiful!   Finally the sting hight was set at the bridge to follow the curve of the frets.

The final results are marvelous!   Every note sings perfectly.   You can feel the sustain in the guitar body when you play a cord or a note.  It has better resonance than any of my other guitars.

​Thanks John for your help in getting this guitar setup like a pro!

I recently bought a Godin Sessions Custom guitar and was in need of some professional assistance getting the neck and string hight setup. 

I asked my good friend John Keschinger to help me, and here are a few pictures of the process.   

Instruments are what it's all about!

My new Classical guitar - "Esperanza"


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