I love to perform solo as well as with the excellent groups I am associated with.   Guitar is my main love, but I am working hard on Keyboards, and I can play a mean Harp if the blues hits me just right. 


Singing, Performing, composing, arranging, recording, producing, loving it all! 

 Instruments: Guitar -acoustic, electric, & steel Guitar Keyboards


Gig Reviews


Recently I played for my friends in Warsaw for the Wine Stroll, and at Blue Branch.   I am always glad to get a chance to play for my friends.

Thanks to Mark Lewis for sitting in we me and playing some great keys.

The Newz Room Cafe has opened it's patio on Friday nights to let me play my acoustic and electric accompanied by the back tracks left over from Digital Dan and the Virtual Band.  Dave Reeter has added the icing on the cake and now we are really starting to rock.   Come and support your local KC musicians.

I had a great time playing this summer with my friend Mike Sotolovitch along with Bill, Bob, Ron and Van on July 3rd - private party.   Also had a great gig on June 15th with Mark and the Sharks.   Aug 15th at Worsaw's Road House was a blast!   Thanks everyone!

I love to give back when ever I can.

​Look for me each year at the American Legion and Elks club in Warsaw raising funds for Toys or Totts and other people in need.

In 2016 I will be playing every Friday Night!  6-10PM at the NEWZ ROOM CAFE' located in Raytown on Blue Ridge Blvd across from the High School.   It's an open jam for musicians of all ages and talent levels.  My band JARD will be hosting most of the time.  We attract many local Jazz and Blues musicians and the music is some of the best you can find in KC.

A special thanks to Andre Reyes, Jerry Ricardi, Rick Ungerbuehler, and Dave Reeter for always being there to back up my shows.

Song Writer Composer Arranger

Originally from Sedalia MO with roots in Warsaw MO I now reside in the Kansas City area and play with several musical groups as well as solo. 
 I use to love to hear the organ music at church and learned to sing for my family at a young age.  My Mother played the piano and my Uncle Leo was an excellent jazz musician in the 50's.   My Father was born with a hearing defect and has always read peoples faces and body language.  He can't hear the music but he feels it and has always been able to dance a pretty mean jig.   I believe he is the one I picked up my talent for rhythm and reading people.  I formed a 3 piece band in the late 60's with Glen Spencer and Dr. Richard McDonald.  We have written hundreds of songs over the years and still get together once or twice a year to write and perform.  Jars of Dark is a CD we released 

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